TaeKwon-Do Classes

All regular memberships are on a monthly basis. Our membership fee is always $99.00 (plus tax) and includes a free uniform! We encourage anyone interested in joining to try out one class for free!


Tiger Paws
Family Class Kids Beginner Class Family Class Kids Beginner Class
6:00-7:00 6:00-7:00 6:00-7:00 6:00-7:00
Advanced Class Intermediate Class Advanced Class Intermediate Class
7:00-8:00 7:00-8:00 7:00-8:00 7:00-8:00


Tiger Paws

The Tiger Paws are our 4-5 year old TaeKwon-Do practitioners in training. Focus is on exercise, stretching, basic kicks and punches, and having fun!  Every few months they will take part in a Tiger Paws Stripe Challenge, where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate the TaeKwon-Do techniques that they have learned and will be awarded a certificate and a stripe on their belt.


Our beginner class will introduce you to TaeKwon-Do and its main components including Fundamental Movements, Patterns, Self-Defense and Non-contact Sparring. Whether it is the first step on your path to earning a black belt or you just want some exercise, the beginner class is a great start for anyone.

Family Class

Our family class is ideal for those who want to learn and train in TaeKwon-Do together as a family. Children and parents of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Focus is on Exercise, Patterns, Self-defense, Non-contact Sparring, and Shield/Paddle training.

Advanced Class

Our adult class is tailored to adults and advanced students, putting more emphasis on Physical Fitness and Conditioning, Flexibility, Advanced Techniques and Sparring for competition.